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'Finalist in the Australian Business Book Awards'

Book Reviews


Peter Giannaskis


Hospitality Coach and Director of the HG Coffee School  


Ken Burgin

Profitable Hospitality Director 

'Josh has a special combination of deep hospitality knowledge, practicality and a big love for the industry. He has taken his years of experience working with cafe owners, staff and customers, and combined them into a terrific guide for both the experienced and the beginner. We need more people like him to make the industry stronger!'


Raihann Esat


International Coffee Traders 

“Josh has always had a great talent for getting to the very heart of problems... and solving them! His words are beautifully eloquent, easy to follow and effective” 

Dimitri Piliouras

The Artisan Coffee Roaster

'Having been in the industry for so long, I have come across so many useful blogs and books presented about Hospitality and the Coffee industry, but I must say following Joshua Clifton on his eponymous Facebook on his page and his second page, “The Australian Cafè Owners Network” and the icing on the Cake is his concise book publication, “The Hospitality Survival Guide.”

In an already hard industry to navigate, you will find the book a great compass to help you navigate through the industry terrain to leverage a better success and satisfaction in your business.'





Josh is an absolute asset to any business - with a breadth and depth of knowledge in the hospitality world, it's an absolute given that I would include him as a key player in the growth of my business.

'The Hospitality Survival Guide is not only everything your staff and customers want to tell you about your business but never do, but also a blueprint in overcoming these shortcomings. 


So often we are told what we need to do but we’re left to our own devices on the ‘how’. Josh’s Survival Guide was an enjoyable read and even with my many years of experience in the industry with my own cafes and consulting I found his processes and methods fresh and easy to apply.  


A Necessary read for both new and experienced café owners.'