• Joshua Clifton

The 3 Steps to Building your Hospitality Facebook Page

In 2018 there were 15 million active Facebook users in Australia, with more than 50 per cent logging in every day. Of those users, 13.7 million were aged between 18 and 55.  

Caught your attention?

Social media and the hospitality industry are a match made in heaven. Whether you use it or not, you can't deny the power of Facebook and how it can help you instantly reach an audience. If it's done right, it can keep your business in the front of customers' minds. Social media is no fad, no passing trend – it's here to stay. 

Here are my three steps for utilising Facebook. Before you post, simply ask these questions:


1) Is it entertaining? 

Will this post get a comment or a like, and is it reason enough for your customers to share with their friends?

2) Is it educational? 

Is it educational enough to spark a conversation and see a different perspective on a topic?

3) Is it exciting?

Is it exciting enough to entice a potential customer to visit your business? 

A lot of other venues are fighting for attention in the social space. Your Facebook page is about creating an identify that customers can relate to and follow your journey. Be creative, be consistent, provide value to your customers and follow the '3 Es'.

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