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My BIGGEST Discovery in 16 years of Customer Service

I'd like to think I've got solid grasp on customer service and building customer relationships over the course of my career.

It's been by far, my biggest love, core passion and whole business focus.


Something finally clicked at a local cafe  I was visiting at the start of the year.

Let me explain.

The Story

I was meeting with a client and the venue was bustling. It was the morning breakfast rush and we were smack bang in the middle of it.

(I know right, great place to visit see a client).

There was only a little side booth left where we had to literally sit side my side. However something changed when we sat side by side. We worked more effectively together, brain stormed ideas  and really made the most of our exchange. Time flew, were having fun and putting together some incredible strategies!

Customer service never felt better.

Nows here's the kicker!

At that very moment I had flashbacks of my time in hospitality about what really got people engaged within a business.

- The girl that I brought into the bar to teach her how to make a cocktail.

- The young man who wanted to see how a coffee machine worked.

- The father and son at a steak restaurant that i showed where the steaks are cooked.

It was these moments that had the most profound effect on my customers. We were working together, learning together and creating really memorable experiences.

The Realisation

I had shut down the wall/barrier of the traditional way customers and businesses interact with one another. There was no one on one exchange. No processes with conversations. More importantly there was no awkwardness and resistance.

We worked together for a common goal.

My idea of customer service had now changed forever.

I started working WITH my customers and not ON them.

If you can understand this type of customer service then you are seriously on the path to building long term, concrete relationships with your customers. 

The next time you meet with a client, see if you can arrange to sit next to each other and start the conversation with a mindset of a common goal outcome as opposed to simply problem solving. 

It's a simple idea and can be easily overlooked, but just give it a go and take note.

Now this article about my 'discovery' is not solely about sitting next to people when you work. This was just the idea that triggered the thought process on how to build better, long lasting relationships.

Your Focus

The concept i want you to take away today is this. Take on the idea that it's you and your customer standing tall against the world. Your are both crusaders working together, building unbreakable ties and just getting a hell of a lot done.

You are working WITH your customer not ON them

It's this idea of customer service that's really taking hold.

The big companies already understand this.

Now its your turn

Also come join me at Joshua Clifton Hospitality where you can join the discussion, ask a question or just share a similar experience.

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