• Joshua Clifton

How to Find Great Staff

By far the most common question I get asked is "how do I find good staff?" In this article I'll explain how. On a basic level finding ‘good’ staff is easy, it's matching our expectations with staff that's the challenge. We all want good staff (realistically we want amazing staff) that share our vision and drive the business forward.  
The problem is we want these staff right from the very start, which is incredibly unrealistic. After my podcast with Ken Burgin (from Profitable Hospitality) we discussed what it takes to recruit a good staff member and how to create an environment that encourages their growth. Here are three tips I took away from the discussion:  1) Advertise through the right medium. First you need to be looking at the right location - where are these hospitality enthusiasts hanging out online; are they attending hospitality events in your area; do they have social media groups? Be specific. If you are going to cast a line into the ocean, be prepared to catch anything on that line.  2) Put the right bait on the hook. You have to sell the benefits of the position. In a job interview, think of it as interviewing each other - this is a mutual relationship and you need to define what is expected of each other and whether that can work. Today's hospitality professionals aren’t motivated by money, they are motivated by whether your business can fuel their passion to learn.  3) Do what you say. Be honest and authentic when you recruit and ensure it correlates with your in-house culture. We all want the best staff, but if your pitch isn’t backed up in-house people will leave. 
Remember, you can teach a skill but never an attitude. 
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