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How to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience - Our trip to Fiji

Meet Barti. 

He was our bartender at our Fiji island resort while my wife and i were on our honeymoon. Not only did he provide us with 100% honest, knowledgable service, he genuinely loved what he did there. Like a a lot. 

Now this sort of thing was happening all over Fiji including the resorts on the Mainland. The Fijian customer experience was remarkable. I could honestly just talk about this alone, but for now i'm going to tell you about the moment it all changed for me.

I'm also going to share with you current trends on customer feedback in leading hospitality businesses across the world AND teach you in 3 simple steps how to capitalise on it.

Traditionally customer feedback comes in 2 forms. Positive and Negative. This is either face to face or online. 

Business operators normally asked how did we perform? Note the 'we' part.

What could WE do to help you with a better experience?

Now this is great, but what businesses are starting to realise is the importance of recognising who gave you that experience. Customers aren't connecting with businesses per-say, they are connecting with the individual people who made their trip memorable. 

Take this feedback form for example that i picked up at our stay at the Hilton.

Notice that there is barely any indication that it's from a business. Its main focus is on the person that provided you with that experience. Now this isn't just happening here. I did a little research and it turns out that most big businesses are starting to adopt this approach to customer feedback. Lets not forget that in the US alone unhappy customers are costing the country over $537 030 000 000... ANNUALLY! check out these CRAZY statistics and more here:

If you're a true believer in the importance of customer service than you can probably understand how important this direct feedback is.

True, genuine customer service deserves recognition direct to the individual.  To me it's what fuels the fire, keeps me motivated and focused but most importantly - balanced.

Here are 3 simple steps to check whether you're on track with current customer feedback trends.

1) Do you have a customer feedback system? Business is about making money and the real money is made with word of mouth, referrals and repeat customers. When possible after each purchase made from your customer, give them a chance to share with you how it all went. Think about an amazing time or experience you have had in your life. What is the first thing you wanted to do? Tell people about it of course!  So make sure you capture these moments with your customers and promote it. Customer feedback is absolute bread and butter for business especially in this industry. Customers are buying based on reviews either online or offline so make sure you share all the best customer experiences.

2) It's not about you (the business). Make sure when you ask for feedback that you don't make the mistake of talking about the business.

E.g. Here at Hospitality Business Corp we thrive on your feedback. Please tell us about your recent experience so we can help improve our service to you! If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, please contact us during business hours.

Yes we have all heard this feedback form before. It's not terrible but it't not great either.

Let me show you why, try this out.

E.g. I noticed you were chatting with Claire yesterday. I just wanted to quickly say thanks for your purchase and joining the Hospitality Business Corp family. If Claire did everything she could to make sure your purchase went smoothly, then please let me know! We love giving our team your feedback. Thanks again and welcome aboard.

Notice how it's not about the business but more about the specific individual. This is the best way to get testimonials, which again, is pure GOLD for a business espically through social media platforms.

3) Take all feedback with an open mind. Not all feedback is positive. Today, people are more inclined to leave negative feedback as opposed to positive feedback. Negative comments should never be ignored but don't make the mistake of doing a complete restructure of the business and go on a firing bonanza  based on a couple of comments. You must find a balance. This involves bringing it to the attention of the team or individual and discussing what the issue was, why this may have happened and what we can do tackle this sort of thing happening again.

I have seen this type of situation too often where business owners would jump to the customers side and forget their team. This is the quickest way to lose team members.  Just remember to be level headed with all feedback, give credit where it's due, discuss an issue when it arises and never the forget the big picture for the business.

Have you have seen a stand out star individual in your travels? What make it stand out for you?

Share the story below!

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PS Positive customer feedback is graciously accepted below. 

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