• Joshua Clifton

Hospitality Resilience with Phillip Di Bella

If there was one word to sum up this industry it would be resilience. I interviewed the founder of Di Bella Coffee, Phillip Di Bella, and his advice on resilience stuck with me.

“You don’t have good without understanding the bad. It's not always going to be a good day,” he said. I’m sure you're already familiar with this, but not appreciating this mentality can honestly grind down even the most battle worn hospitality owner.

You need to know how to take punches in this space and get up without falter. I think a lot of newcomers underestimate how resilient you actually need to be in this industry. The fact we have constant contact with customers means we are highly open to 'attack.'

Customers these days want to be more involved in your venue. Having an open kitchen design, sharing your story and information on products, and engaging online means you're getting more involved with your customers.

Now this is great, but it means you need to know how to communicate and adapt faster than ever - and your resilience will be tested.

As Phillip told me, it all comes down to:

How strong your vision is - the stronger your vision and the more industry education you have, the more resilient you become

Managing customer expectations - understanding and accepting customer choices and adjusting accordingly when needed will help you become more resilient

Building your brand - the more you focus on building your business around your target market, the easier it will become to make decisions and overcome even the hardest of days

For the full interview with Phillip click here

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