• Joshua Clifton

Get Your Customers Drunk

Even if you're a bar or restaurant owner, this still applies to any hospitality business. Obviously I support responsible service of alcohol, this simply applies to a drunk mindset mentality and why you need to capitalise on it. 

So what happens when we drink? Inabitions lower, confidence rises, we made quick decision but ultimately we want the good times to keep on going. 

When we are having a good time, we don't want it to end and we all spend big to ensure that happens. This is hospitality industry. Customers come to your venue to get fun drunk and if you can provide that environment they will spend more. 

It's that simple. 

This is industry isn't about businesses and customers anymore. It's about connection and relationships. 

Customers want to connect with your business. If they feel they do, they will share that experience. If they don't, they will do nothing. No sharing, no word of mouth, they are gone.

If you acknowledge and thank their response you will then build a relationship. Once you build a relationship you create trust and trust equals purchases. 

In the end customers get drunk at bars and restaurants because they are having fun and that venue created a space to have fun. 

Does your venue promote a fun atmosphere?

Are your current customers engaging with that atmosphere?

Do you have an online space where this can be shared?

Remember a drunk customer will be you ultimate word of mouth marketing tool. Focus on the customers who are bringing in customers and sharing those experiences online because ultimately they will bring in more customers just like them. 

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