• Joshua Clifton

3 Factors Holding back your Hospitality Business

A huge part of my job is assessing businesses to determine weak points and find ways to fix them. Fast.

There is a good chance you have had at least 1 of these 3 factors in your business today and possibly into the future.

Today i’m going to share with you my top 3 reasons why your business probably isn’t as successful as you might like and share with you ways you can avoid them completely.

1) Credibility

Customer todays are becoming more and more skeptical of businesses.


Customers are bombarded with choice and thus can get very picky choosing what they prefer. Customer buying behaviours show that they are more willing to continually buy from a trusted,  well established brand than a new one. It’s because they have build that rapport, connection and trust over long periods of time with their customers.

Whether you like it or not it will take time for your customers to catch onto your business and even longer to make a first purchase. There is a very good chance it has nothing to do with your product or service. You may have an awesome idea and product and you just want the world to see but more often than not it just won’t happen that quick.

Customer just prefer security and peace of mind with their purchases so stick at it. Constantly find ways to connect with your customers. Write articles, ebooks, cross promote with other people in your field, run in-house events, contact social media influencers and hospitality media representatives. It is a never ending process and a crucial factor to your ongoing success. No one marketing and strategy event will continue to reap rewards.

2) Your customer service sucks

Yes, it's a big call but this just might be the reason why the business isn't making it the next step.

I see this far to often and it just kills me. There is a great business idea,  it’s well established either online or at location and they are delivering on their business promise but you would rather stick your head in a blender than talk to the staff.

You may think your team are giving great service but do your customers actually think so? Do you read online reviews? Comments on social media? Review feedback from staff? If you aren’t constantly finding ways EACH AND EVERY DAY to better communicate with your customers then the business will ultimately go stale.

Bad service kills a business faster than any other factor. I don’t care if you want to give the best possible customer experience, just tell me HOW you are going to do it and what you are doing everyday to keep that incredible customer service idea alive and growing.

Look internally as well. Are your management creating a positive culture ecosystem where they are the leading the charge in exceptional customer experiences? Do you have steps of service in place to handle positive and negative customer feedback. Whether you are a working owner or not, someone needs to be the pinnacle example of customer service and continually push the team to be the best they can be.

3) You aren’t delivering on your promises

This last point is two fold.

The first is you aren't delivering a consistent product experience and secondly you are sending mixed messages.

Are you the best in your field? Or at least, are you trying to be the best in your field?

You wouldn’t open up a pizza restaurant and serve terrible pizza intentionally would you? Of course not, but be careful when you make statements about your business. Nothing worse than a promise to a customer and it all falls apart on delivery. I often see business coaches making huge claims like:

“Ill teach you business success!”

Now thats a BIG claim. I mean there are a lot of different types of businesses out there,” surely he cant fix them all and if he can why isn’t he more ridiculously  successful then he currently is?

Just make your promise clear, measurable and most importantly believable.

So rather than say:

“We do the best pizzas ever!”

Perhaps try something like this:

“Traditional Italian classic pizzas with locally sourced ingredients”

Generally people will believe the second statement a lot faster than the first. So just keep you message believable and accurate to avoid complete customer disappointment.

Just remember that whatever stage your business is at, ask yourself the following to ensure you stay on track.

1. Do i have credibility within my field?

2. Are my customer relation skills up to scratch?

3. Am i delivering on a consistent experience and business promise?

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