• Joshua Clifton

3 Steps to Connect With Your Customers

It's no surprise customers are spoilt for choice today so understanding the importance of changing customers needs are more important than ever.

Customer preferences are constantly changing because when we are given a variety of options its hard to really settle on one. There are a lot of factors in play when a customer chooses a product.

So when you understand that customer purchasing is constantly evolving doesn't it make sense your business should as well?

It's really hard to make a change in business because when a system works, the last thing you want to do is change it. But the reality is, if it's not keeping up with changing customer needs then its time to implement new ones.

1) Speak there language

We can often spend countless hours assuming what our customers want and don't want. It's very easy to assume certain things about our customers and try to connect with them in ways we think are suitable. The reality is the quickest way to learn about your customer is to simply engage and get feedback as much as you can. Positive, negative it doesn't matter. Get as much as you can, filter our whats important and keep asking questions.

Where they are from?

What made them choose here?

What do they like about your business the most?

Remember the quickest way from A to B is a straight line so get on the floor and get to know your customers face to face.

2) Keep up with technology

Quite a broad point, but an important one. It could something as simple as a Facebook page or Twitter account or to a complete overhaul of your POS terminals and ordering systems. The thing to remember is what technologies are your customers using on a daily basis?

How did they find your business?

What have people been experiencing at your venue?

How are they sharing all of this information?

Now you may not want to invest in all of the latest technological trends and thats fine, but remember your competition might be and that could be pulling your customers away from you. Just remember to find out what tech your specific customers are using and do what ever you can to get inside their world.

3. Keep it Simple and Consistent

If you have a great  product and your are getting a great response, do whatever you can to continue this consistent experience. There is nothing worse than having a great experience at a business only to have it change again and again when you go back. If you make a promise on a great experience, then you better back it up for the next customer.

Change needs to be consistent too. Now if you're sitting on a gold mine of an idea and your customers are loving it, be ready because your competition may soon follow suit. Embrace change in your business like it's your best friend. Reinventing yourself if how you truly become competitive. This industry embodies creativity which is what customers are connecting with in your business. 

Just remember to keep an open mind to change and never think your idea will keep your customers forever. Customers and their buying habits will continue to evolve but if your creative self follows suit, you will stay ahead of the competition and at the forefront of your customers minds. 

We are in the entertainment industry today and your job is to sell tickets to your show. 

So what is your show like?

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