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Joshua Clifton

Joshua Clifton lives and breathes the hospitality industry. From a young age, Joshua was drawn to this industry and right from the very start had an incredible ability to understand customers and what it takes to build an outstanding business that customers love. From managing all business types across the industry and consulting and mentoring operators, Joshua quickly gained traction and influence within Australia. He interviews and podcasts with Australian leading hospitality professionals and is driving forward a new age of hospitality training that enables today's businesses to start off on the right foot.


Working in this fast-paced industry Joshua has developed methods and strategies to deal with and minimise high-stress workloads, managing multiple teams and conflict resolutions. His background in marketing also makes him a key person of influence to create strategies to attract customers through social media and strategic partnerships.


He will undoubtedly help you handle your toughest workplace situations, create an unbreakable work culture and engage with your customers on a whole new level. Nicknamed Thor, Joshua brings the ‘hospitality hammer’ down to instil a positive and engaging customer/client relationship whilst maintaining employee engagement.






'We had Josh Clifton speak with our BforB Brisbane South West group and found him to be a fun presenter with a great knowledge of his industry. He enlightened us on ways around issues in our businesses which made for an interesting Q&A after his talk.

We look forward to having Josh speak with our group again in the future.'


Kay Thorne 

BfoB Networking Brisbane



'The presentation given by Josh was excellent. I found it both engaging and thought-provoking. Although Josh comes from a hospitality industry background the presentation crossed industry boundaries and gave great takeaway hints to implement into my Finance Broking business to improve the way I interact with my clients and the information I provide to them. Josh is a wealth of knowledge and generous with his time both before and after the presentation to delve deeper into a discussion around the presentation.'

Monica Bremner

Smarter Lending

'Joshua has been a Guest Speaker for several Business events that I have organised. On all occasions, he has proven to be a wonderful asset in providing professional, informative presentations that offer practical strategies and valuable information for his audience who are always inspired by his passion for the Hospitality industry.' 



Ammal Hannun

Owner of Cedar & Pine Bar

Josh made a guest speaker appearance for our hospitality students. We discussed a brief with only an outline of the range of students to attend, and from this Josh created a complete and inspiring presentation. The presentation material was eye-catching and informative. In every word spoken, the passion for the industry and education for future hospitality stars that Josh holds was clear and inspirational. 


The messages contained in just this presentation conveyed the very essence of success in this industry.  Josh was incredibly open and responsive to the questions students put forward during his appearance, answering all questions honestly and with a little motivational note in each answer.

I am personally looking forward to finally being able to get my hands on a copy of Josh’s upcoming book and the wisdom it contains. I will definitely be encouraging students and hospitality professionals alike to view and listen to Josh’s other works available, such as his MasterHost website and it’s a plethora of valuable advice articles and podcast.


The Educators from Southbank hope to have Josh back soon to continue inspiring the future hospitality graduates!


Ashleigh Nicole Smith
Queensland TAFE Hospitality Teacher
Hospitality/ BTHPS



One of the greatest perks of my job is interacting with you. Contact me if you’ve got any questions or inquires for me, I’d love to hear from you.

Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia


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"We are in the entertainment industry today and your job is to sell tickets to your show."

Joshua Clifton

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